Helping clinicians  treat with confidence:  Medical Reference Clipboards for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Speech Language Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Students and Physician Assistants.

Comprehensive Nursing Clipboard Includes:

  • Calculator with calendar and clock including second hand function.

  • Cardiovascular assessment information including EKG intervals, heart sounds, hemodynamic norms and calculations, pulse scale, edema scale, murmur scale.

  • Integumentary assessment information including skin breakdown areas, skin integrity scale and descriptors for skin temperature, moisture, and color.

  • Elimination assessment information including urinalysis values and descriptors for urinary and bowel function, sounds, patterns and color.

  • Neurological assessment information including pain intensity scale, pupil scale, muscle testing scale, deep tendon reflex scale, glasgow coma scale, descriptors for pupil reaction, motor response, behavior and level of conciousness.

  • Respiration assessment information including common respiratory patterns, breath sound assessment, desriptors for breath quality, rate, sputum and cough.

  • IV infusion information including IV infusion rate calculation, hourly dosage IV flow chart, multiple hour IV dosage flow chart.

  • Injection information for needle length, gauge, maximum volume and insertion degree.

  • Normals for serum electrolytes, arterial blood gases, complete blood count, urinalysis.

  • Vital sign normals for children through seniors for temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.

  • Assessment chart for respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis.

  • Conversion formulas for volume, weight, temperature and length.

  • BMI weight management guidelines and formulas.

  • Dosage calculation formulas for both pills and liquids.

  • Metric and standard rulers.

  Add an optional storage tray to your calculator clipboard for your daily storage needs!   Tray must be ordered separately.

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            Nursing Reference Clipboard prices:

1-24     $22.95 per clipboard        $25.95 per clipboard with calculator
         25-49  $19.95 per clipboard        $22.95 per clipboard with calculator
         50+     $17.95 per clipboard        $20.95 per clipboard with calculator

         Optional Storage Tray $9.00 (Must be ordered separately)