Physical Therapy Clipboard

Occupational Therapy Clipboard

Now Available with Calculator and Optional Storage Tray

                          OT/PT Reference Clipboard includes:

                    • Range of Motion Norms
                    • Manual Muscle Testing Scale
                    • Dermatomes & Myotomes
                    • Cutaneous Sensory Distribution
                    • Documentation guidelines
                    • Accessibility measurements
                    • Definitions for levels of assist: min, mod, etc.
                    • Rancho and Glasgow Coma Scales
                    • Vital sign norms

                         OT/PT Reference Clipboard prices:

1-24. . . $22.95 per clipboard        $25.95 per clipboard with calculator
                    25-49. . $19.95 per clipboard         $22.95 per clipboard with calculator
                    50+. . . .$17.95 per clipboard         $20.95 per clipboard with calculator

                    Optional Storage Tray price, $9.00 Each


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The Anatomy Reference Clipboard for

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Clipboard with calculator and optional storage tray, which must be ordered separately.


Medical Reference Clipboards for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Speech Language Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Students and Physician Assistants.

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