Respiratory Therapy Clipboard

with Calculator

         Respiratory Therapy Clipboards include:

       • Weaning criteria, Pulmonary Function, Hemodynamics and Vital signs
       • Formulas for Flow & Time, Compliance, Alveolar Air, Physiologic Dead Space and Ideal Body Weight
       • Values for ABGs and Serum Electrolytes
       • Diagram for Common Respiratory Patterns
       • Sizes for endotracheal tubes and suction catheters based on age

        Respiratory Therapy Clipboard prices:

1-24    $25.95 per clipboard with calculator
      25-49  $22.95 per clipboard with calculator
      50+. .  $20.95 per clipboard with calculator

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Respiratory Therapy Clipboards with Calculator





Medical Reference Clipboards for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Speech Language Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Students and Physician Assistants.

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